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• Click on each Heading, listed below, for detailed information.

Each heading listed below has information pertaining to that particular classification.

• Click on each Heading, listed below, for detailed information.

Each heading listed below has information pertaining to that particular classification.

What may I advertise FREE in The Shopper’s Guide?

 • This rule applies to ALL advertisement in The Shopper’s Guide:

The owners of The Shopper’s Guide reserve the right to refuse publication of any advertisement or article submitted to The Shopper’s Guide (free or commercial).

• This rule applies to all FREE advertisement in The Shopper’s Guide:

All items listed FREE must be personally owned and used items (in usable condition) that would typically and ordinarily be found in most homes in this area.


Give-a-way advertisement concerning animals can be listed free.  All animal accessories can be listed free to buy, sell, trade or give-a-way.

EXAMPLE:  aquarium, horse or stock trailer, pet bed, pet box, pet cages, dog house, home kennel,  horse buggy, saddle & tack, etc.

Buying, selling or trading animals is a PAID commercial advertisement.


Most personally (owned and used) home appliances can be listed free.

EXAMPLE:  refrigerator, range, elec./gas space heater, floor furnace, BBQ grills, vacuum cleaner, can opener, toaster, deep freeze, microwave, washer, dryer, wood burning stove, dishwasher, bread maker, toaster oven, any appliance found in most homes.


Your families personally worn clothing, shoes, belts, etc. can be listed free.  You can list each individual item or by the box or bag.  Size must be listed.


Most personally (owned and used) home or vehicle electronics can be listed free.

EXAMPLE:  game system, cell phone, GPS system, radio, stereo, computer, CD, camera, TV, etc.


Most personally (owned and used) tools, lawn care items, and farm items can be listed free.  (You MUST be prepared to give us your Farm Number if you desire to list your farm equipment FREE.)

EXAMPLE:  tractor, combine, cotton picker, plow, cultivators, lawn mower, tiller, chain saw, edger, weed eater, seed spreader, leaf blower, box blade, etc.


Most personally (owned and used) furniture items can be listed free.

EXAMPLE:  bed, dresser w/mirror, chest of drawers, table, chairs, chifforobe, buffet, armoire, couch or sofa, love seat, recliner, wash stand, waterbed, mattress, box springs, baby bed, changing table, crib, entertainment center, end table, coffee table, bookshelves, etc.


If there is not a category that fits your personally (owned and used) item, it can be listed free but it must be place in the Miscellaneous classification.

EXAMPLE:  educational books & magazines, jewelry, baby stroller, car seat, playpen, toys, swing, jumper, linens, lamp, curtains, area rug, dishes, silverware, vehicle accessories that you took off your personal vehicle, etc.


Most personally (owned and used) musical instruments can be listed free.

EXAMPLE:  piano, guitar, flute, drums, trumpet, saxophone, etc.


Personally (owned and used) passenger vehicles that are licensed and titled in your name and in running condition may be listed for free.  You may sell up to three of these vehicles per year FREE through The Shopper’s Guide.

EXAMPLE:  car, truck, van, motorcycle, motorhome, ect.


How to list your personal home that YOU LIVE IN or YOU WANT TO LIVE IN for FREE:

• List the ad “For Sale by Owner”. You must be living in your home and have a lot or acreage to be sold with the home.  It can not be listed with a realtor.

• List the ad “Want to Buy” a home to live in with lot or acreage.


Most personally (owned and used) sport items can be listed free.

EXAMPLE:  home exercise equipment, three and four wheelers, scooter, golf cart, boat, boat motor, boat trailer, child’s gym set, golf clubs, roller blades, baseball equipment, semi-auto guns/rifles, pistols, wave runners, bicycles, etc.


You may list up to three personal yard sales per year for FREE (at your personal residence).  They have to be outside at your home.  You may list the address, time, date, and up to three (of the above) classified categories of items that you will have in your yard sale.  We need your name and phone number for our records but they will NOT be listed in the ad.